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11/18: My book is born 2

11/18: My book is born 2

After publication of my book 'Walking for Me, You and Millions More' I got a lot of reactions. I ask everyone to attend others to my homage and wake-up call.

Three times in national daily
After an initiative by me the Dutch daily newspaper Trouw spent three days in a row articles on ordinary walking. On the morning of the National Pedestrian Congress (25 September 2018) an opinion piece from me: 'Make space for the pedestrian’. Government and municipalities, pay more attention to walkability, there are good examples everywhere!

Follow up
The next day Trouw publicized a big article by one of their reporters about the conference. On the 27th of September in the ‘Letters to the Editor’ section (‘Uitgelicht’) a reader wrote an approval of my opinion piece. With better facilities in public space  I and many others will certainly walk more, is his argument.

November 7, 2018

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