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3/20 'Being outside crucial in corona times'

3/20 'Being outside crucial in corona times'

My choice of last week news:  

“Being outside will be really crucial through this period of time. Getting fresh air, getting exercise. I advice that people stay 6 feet away from each other”, says Daniel Horn on March 16 in magazine The Atlantic. He is a physician at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, USA.

In Great Britain a member of the government told BBC that over-70s will be told they can go out for a walk under the guidelines. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said this on March 16.

Last weekend in The Netherlands a leading virologist, Marion Koopmans, told people to stay home (interview AD newspaper). A day later in her Twitter account she regretted these words: “Staying at home is different than staying inside. A walk is good for people”. 


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